Monday, April 30, 2012


Do you ever remember details about certain pieces of jewelry you make, but aren't sure why?  I distinctly remember sitting at my dining room table on the 4th of July, waiting for the fireworks to start in town so that we could all go outside and watch.  

I have  no earthly idea why I remember that!  I also remember thinking the cubes would make a cute charm bracelet--especially if I did them in different colors.  These earrings are actually pretty simple to make using a length of square stitch that is folded and stitched again to make cubes.  Their longer length makes them perfect for times when earrings are a must, but a necklace isn't needed.  I've worn them for dressy occasions, and also paired down with jeans and a black tee.  Maybe this 4th of July I'll get around to making that charm bracelet!

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