Monday, April 23, 2012

Flowers and Broken Chairs

I was very anxious to start beading this evening, since I had an idea burning in my head all day.  I was about halfway finished with a pearl bracelet, strung on memory wire with a flower focal, when the chair I was sitting in broke!  I wound up on the floor (but managed to not unstring what I had strung!).  In all fairness to me, our dining room set is rather old.  We inherited it from a cousin after it had been passed along to them from another relative.  It fits well with the style of our house, but unfortunately it isn't in the greatest shape--as I was reminded tonight!  Travis got a big kick out of it.  Hannah just gave me a "poor mom" hug.  Guess it's time to get serious about that diet!

The bracelet turned out just as I had imagined, though, and I put together some pearl earrings to compliment it.

I think the bracelet has a very summery, romantic feel to it and the pearls in the earrings match those in the bracelet.  Not bad for something I wound up finishing while standing!

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