Friday, April 13, 2012

Show Preparation

Tomorrow is the show to benefit juvenile diabetes I'll be participating in.  Last night I set up my table and put some things on it to make the setup tomorrow easier.  After I set up everything, I realized I need a lot more room for earrings.  I have an idea for earring displays, but I'll have to change a lot of what is already on the table--like the tree and the apple lamp.  Hopefully it will turn out well.  Here's what I had as of last night:

The basket is full of earrings that need to be displayed.  Everything still needs to be priced, as well, and then packed back up and loaded into my car.  Since Hannah has two softball games this evening, it's going to be either a late night or an early morning.  I think I'll try to finish everything tonight--might make sleeping easier!

Wish me luck!  I'm excited about tomorrow, but nervous, too.  It's one thing to wear my creations and receive compliments.  It's another to put them out there like this, hoping people will like (and buy) them!


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