Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trash to Treasure

I had a friend at work contact me the other day about a bag of jewelry she received as a donation for the college's Relay for Life yard sale.  She said she thought I might like to have some of the pieces to take apart and make something new.  I was quite excited about the prospect, and today I received the jewelry in campus mail.

As they are now, I doubt any of the pieces would sell.  Most are old with broken or dirty pieces.  But, I think with a good cleaning, quite a few beads can be salvaged.  Hopefully within the next couple of days I can get to work on some "trash to treasure" pieces.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the possibility of teaching some jewelry classes?  Well, I got a call today and I have a meeting Thursday afternoon with the scheduling folks, so it looks like it's becoming a reality!  I'm so excited and hope several people are interested in taking the classes.

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