Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A few days ago, I was asked by our town manager if I would be interested in teaching some jewelry making classes at the Lays Hardware Center for the Arts in the town I live in.  The Lays building (as we call it) is a former hardware store in downtown Coeburn that has been converted into a space that has a stage downstairs that features live bluegrass music weekly.  The upstairs has classroom space where artisan classes such as stained glass, pottery, quilting and jewelry making are taught.  It's a wonderful place and I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to teach there.  We're in the beginning stages of planning, but it looks as if I may be able to start offering classes around the first of May.  This is the Lays building:

I wish I had better pictures, especially of the inside, but unfortunately this is all I could find!  

I'm not sure which classes I'll be teaching yet.  I have lots of ideas, though, from the very basics to more complicated projects that involve bead weaving.  I hope there is a lot of interest!

I could see teaching something like this:

But, I probably need a little more practice before teaching this:

I'll keep you posted as the planning moves forward!

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