Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bitter Sweet Bazarre

Today I participated in the Bitter Sweet Bazarre to raise money for juvenile diabetes.  I had a great time and met some wonderful people.  My sales were pretty good, considering there wasn't as much traffic as I had hoped.  It may not have been the ideal Saturday to hold this event, as it was little league opening day in at least three of the towns in the county.  But, I was pleased and so were the organizers.  Here are a few pics of my table:

This was definitely a good show to begin with.   I may try to do one or two of the local craft fairs this fall.  The two I have in mind last two days, so I'll have to have some help if I decide to do them.  There are things I would tweak about my display, but I think it worked out well for my first time and for this particular event.

Luckily the little league schedule in our town was running a little behind, so I was able to make it in time to see all of Hannah's first little league game of the season.  It's a little sad because this is the last year she'll be young enough to play, so I want to take in as much as I can this year.  We have a great group of girls and parents, which always makes it a lot of fun.  

I think it's about time for bed.  It's amazing how tired you can get sitting around...

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