Friday, May 25, 2012

State Gemstones

The Beading Daily blog was interesting this morning.  It was about state gemstones.  Yes, apparently most states have an official gemstone to go along with the state flower, bird, etc.  I did a little research and can you believe I live in a state that does not have an official gemstone?!  All the surrounding states do, but not Virginia.  Tennessee and Kentucky have the same gemstone--freshwater pearls.

North Carolina's is emerald.

And, West Virginia's is fossil coral Lithostrotionella.  Have to say, I had never heard of this one!

I started trying to decide what a good state gemstone for Virginia would be, and I decided on black diamond.

I live in a coal mining region, and the black diamond above looks a lot like coal.  Yes, I think that would work out quite well.  I could live with one of these on my finger--to honor the state, of course:

Not sure I could convince my husband to buy me one...  :)

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