Thursday, May 17, 2012

She's Here

Remember a few weeks ago when I made this bracelet for my pregnant friend's baby?

She's here now!  Evangeline Colbie was born yesterday, joining big brother Elliott. 

Isn't she absolutely beautiful?  Looks like a little angel, but apparently created a bit of a ruckus in the nursery last night and wound up getting kicked out!  Poor thing wasn't even 24 hours old and was already getting herself into trouble!  I have to say I'm quite proud of her!

I had planned to announce her birth last night, but by the time I rushed from work to the ball field for a double header, and then got everything lined out at home for the day, I didn't think another thing about it until I was snuggled up in bed.  No games tonight, thank goodness!  Maybe I can get a little work done on some beading projects.

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