Friday, October 5, 2012

Bead table

I've been working on this piece for the past couple of nights:

It's a spiral rope chain made with brown seed beads, accented with green, purple and gold fringe beads.  I plan to make it approximately 12 inches long, hang a large silver leaf pendant from it, and finish off the ends with chain.  I'm getting close--it's about 8 inches long at the moment.  

I received my order from Fire Mountain yesterday.  The porcelain moon and star beads I ordered (and planned to make earrings out of) were a whole lot bigger than I thought they'd be!  I know, I know...I should have paid more attention to the size, but they looked so small on the screen!  LOL!

Forget earrings--these will make a necklace!  I think I'll string them on some black waxed linen cord, and accent them with metal beads. 

Tomorrow is shopping day with the girls.  Katie wants to spend her birthday money on "Paris" things for her room.  Should be fun!

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