Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Old West

I participated in the Guest River Rally yesterday.  The artisan village had fewer artists than I anticipated, but the interesting part of the day was sharing the room with some Old West re-enactors.  I knew we had Civil War re-enactors in the area, but I had no idea we had any who specialized in the Old West.  I had a blast, listening to them plot out the scenes they were presenting.  I never knew so much how much work goes into the scenes that last just a couple of minutes.  Very entertaining--even if they did keep knocking one of my signs down!

I updated the etsy shop tonight, and most of the pieces I listed have never been in the shop before.  Like these:



 The rain held off all weekend, but now it sounds like it's decided to come.  Should make for a restful night!

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