Sunday, September 9, 2012


My youngest daughter, Katie, is obsessed with Paris.  She's dying to go, and, in fact, has the trip she and I are going to take there in the future planned out.  I hope it works out!  In honor of her dream, I made this necklace this evening.

I made the necklace so that it can be worn long at 36", or toggled in front so that it's approximately 18" or so.  It can be found in my Etsy shop.  Unless Katie steals it, that is!

Today is my best friend Misty's birthday.  I won't say how old she is, but let's just say she's older than me.  A month and 5 days older, to be exact.  I got to see her, her husband Todd, and their little cuties Elliott and Evangeline on Friday.  I plan on seeing them again soon, before they make their big move 6 1/2 hours away!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind, so for tonight I think I'll think about Paris!

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