Monday, September 10, 2012

RTM Jury

On Friday, I submitted five pieces for the 'Round the Mountain juried session.  Tomorrow is when the jury actually meets to decide who passes.  I'm pretty nervous about it.  It would be such an honor to be a juried member of this artisan community.  I wound up not getting pictures of all the pieces I submitted, but here are a few:

 When I dropped my pieces off, the woman wanted to take my picture.  She said that way if I pass the jury and the buyer decides she wants to buy some of my pieces to display at Heartwood, they'll already have a picture for the artisan card.  I jokingly (sort-of) told her that wasn't part of the plan!  I let her take it, though, and when I got back out to the car I noticed I had crumbs on my shirt from lunch!  Wish she had told me!  I think the picture is only from the shoulders up, so maybe it'll be okay!  Actually, I think if they buy anything and need a picture I'll just send them another one.  I was not prepared to have my picture taken!

The participants are supposed to be notified by Friday, so let the waiting begin!

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