Friday, March 29, 2013

Blog hop reveal

Today is the day!  The blog blog hop reveal!  I can't wait to see what everyone else did with the sliders!

I wound up making three different pieces.  This is the first:

This is a double spiral bracelet, using one of the spacers as the focal.  I wound up taking this apart a couple of times.  I had a hard time deciding between a single spiral stitch and a double.  In the end, I decided the spacers needed something more substantial than the single spiral, and went with the double.  

This is the second piece I made, and if I were to title it, I think it would be called "Not Your Grandma's Pearls".  

In this, I decided to take something classic--a pearl strand--and jazz it up a bit.

And, finally, the third spacer:

I kept coming back to this design.  The spacer is on a gold chain, and I envision this paired with a simple tee (assuming, that is, that spring will eventually get here).

This blog hop was a lot of fun!  Check out what the others did:


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  1. Love the cha, cha, cha! and the pearls...great idea!!! and the last piece, so simple, but so elegant. Great job!

  2. Totally thrilled with that bracelet! I had such a hard time with the first idea for a bracelet, because I was using CRAW. It just wouldn't attach correctly, so I'm glad to see other stitches will work. Love the Grandma pearls, that's such a great look!

  3. Those are all fun pieces. I think I like the pearl necklace the best. The slider looks great vertical. I agree that the double spiral looks awesome with the slider. The bracelet will be fun to wear.

  4. Great job on all 3! I *really* like the simplicity of the last piece.

  5. I love the first bracelet! I love the yellow and blue together.

  6. Wow, you took this from full of texture and pop to very simple. Such great designs all from the same component, great job!

  7. The third necklace is something I would have done as well and might just have to go back and get the other color to make myself one. Great pieces!

  8. Great ideas! Simple and elegant!

  9. That's the cool thing about these components ya know? they can be totally cool on their own without a lot of extras! I like what you did with these, thank you for participating!

  10. Wow! that double spiral bracelet is fantastic! and I love the sweet and simple designs, too.

  11. Fabulous double bracelet! I also like the simplicity of the two necklaces. The single on a chain will go with many styles. Great job!

  12. Wow. Three pieces! I love the double bracelet. It has a wow factor. And I think I will have to try one on just a single strand necklace. I like the simplicity of it! Enjoy the day. Erin