Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New necklace

I made this necklace last night using a blue swirled glass bead I made, some small crystals, a couple of flowers, and a leaf I picked up a while back.  

I had seen crystals wire wrapped around a link before, but had never actually tried it.  I assumed it would be harder than it looks, but it really isn't.  It was quite easy, and the crystals behaved themselves and laid where they were supposed to.  

Some good photo news.  I've asked a friend of mine to take pics of my jewelry for my etsy shop and blog, and she agreed.  Yay!  She loves photography and is really good at it.  I have to admit it's not my favorite thing--I'd rather just make the jewelry--so I'm happy to pawn it off on someone who enjoys it.  I'm hoping to dig some things out this weekend for her to photograph.  

You know, I really wish we had true seasons--winter when it's supposed to be winter, summer when it's supposed to be summer...but instead, we had softball weather yesterday and Christmas weather this morning.  Crazy! 

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