Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New pieces

For the third time in 4 months I fell at work.  I dropped my BlackBerry in the parking lot and it went under the car.  I got down, picked it up, and when I got back into a squatting position I lost my balance and fell flat on my behind.  Did I mention my office is on a busy road and I was parked right in front?  I just hope too many people didn't see me.  I'm sure I gave some a good laugh.  

Last night I whipped up these earrings...

...and the matching pendant.

The beautiful glass beads are from Heirlooms in Glass.  

Next weekend is the Guest River Rally, a festival in my town.  I'll be demonstrating jewelry making, and will have some pieces for sale.  I'll be with other artisans, so it will be fun to meet folks, demonstrate and maybe learn something new myself!

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