Monday, August 27, 2012

New fall pieces

A word of advice.  If you buy a t-shirt from Walmart and the tag on the side of the shirt starts bugging you, do not rip it out!  I did that this morning and found out the tag is actually sewn into the seam.  So, I ended up with a big hole in the side of my shirt that I had to sew before coming to work.  Nice way to start a Monday!

On the bright side, I made a few fall pieces last night in preparation for the Guest River Rally this weekend.  Here are the first two:

I love fall, and I love something simple like these earrings and necklace to wear with long sleeved tees when the weather cools off. 

I know fall doesn't officially start until later in September, but in my little world it starts Labor Day weekend.  I'll be busy with the Rally this weekend, so I won't have time to get out all my fall decorations, but maybe next weekend... 

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