Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More vacation beads

Okay, I have to admit that I completely forgot to post pictures of the rest of the beads I bought on vacation.  While we were there, we drove over to Wilmington, NC and visited Caravan Beads.  Well, I visited Caravan Beads.  Trav and the girls waited outside on a bench.  Pretty patiently, I might add.  Anyway, here are my finds.

I adore these beads, handmade by local artisans.  The larger pendant has an ocean feel to it, and a matte finish that I love.  I've had a pendant similar to the leaf one above before.  I think this one may wind up dangling off a fall themed bracelet.

I bought several of the flower beads because I found that I love working with them.  

I love the browns and blues of these little beads.  I bought two strands, and I'm sure I'll fit them into my fall designs, and no doubt wish I had bought more.

Finally, I couldn't leave without a couple of fall seed bead mixes and some more tila beads.  I've never used the tilas, but I'm determined to work them into a fall design or two.

Tomorrow promises to be a hectic day with it being the first day of school and Hannah's first volleyball game of the season.  Fall is in the air here, and I'm loving it!

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