Monday, March 26, 2012

Learn Something New

I learned a new word today from the Jewelry Making Daily blog--lagniappe (LAN-yap).  It's apparently a French word, used regularly in Louisiana.  It is used to refer to "a little something extra".  The blog author wrote about adding a little extra something to your jewelry designs--little touches that take the pieces to a new level.  It made me think about how I treat my own designs.  When I first began making jewelry, I focused little on adding extras, but as I've become more experienced, I realize the importance of the little touches and enjoy looking for places to add them.  For instance, in the earrings and bracelet pictured I added bits of suede cord.  The designs would have been fine without them, but the suede really makes the pieces special.

Whether it's bits of suede or a small bead added to the end of a clasp, incorporating a little something extra can make all the difference!

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