Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Before and after

I finally finished the necklace I was working on for my friend, Suzie.  If you remember, I posted a few weeks ago that she had asked me to remake a necklace of her grandmother's.  This is the before shot:

And the after:

There were several beads left over.  Some of those have a lot of gold in them, so I plan to make her another necklace using those beads and gold as the metal instead of silver.  One necklace turned into two completely different necklaces.  I'm also going to make her some matching earrings.

We're having a major cold spell here.  We typically have pretty mild winters, but the temps have been in the teens, with even colder wind chills.  I can't complain, though.  It's winter--it's supposed to be cold, and with any luck, snowy!  These cold temps have made my house feel like a petting zoo, though, with a dog, a guinea pig, and two cats inside.  The cats live outside, but when it's this cold I can't stand the though of them being out there!

I hope you're snug and warm where you live!

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