Thursday, May 30, 2013


I just received the leaf pendant I ordered from Humblebeads.

I love it!  I ordered the dark orange, which reminds me of fall leaves.

I really like the way she packages her beads, too.  She folds pretty paper into little bead holders, but unfortunately I can never manage to fold them back correctly!

When I opened the package, I was excited to discover a couple of extra beads thrown in.

Surprises are (almost) always nice.  

Tomorrow I'm off to an amusement park with the 8th grade honor society.  The park is about 3 hours away, and is pretty nice if you're into amusement parks.  Unfortunately, I'm a big chicken and won't ride any of the rides, so I'm stuck sitting around holding everyone's bags while they ride.  It's supposed to be scorching hot tomorrow, too.  (Well, 88 degrees, but to this indoorsy girl, that's pretty stinkin' hot!).  I'll be lathering on the sunscreen all day--that's for sure!

Too bad there's nowhere to hide and bead at the park!

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