Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bead table

Since yesterday was a nice, rainy day, Hannah's softball game was cancelled.  That gave me a chance to actually sit down, relax, turn on the last two episodes of The Following that we had recorded, and do some beading.  I pulled out some pearls, crystals, and a piece of the china, and got to work making lots of simple loops.  This is what my little lap workspace looked like:

I hardly ever bead in front of the tv, unless I'm working on a beadweaving project, but I really enjoyed getting away from the dining room table and into the living room for a change.  

This piece is close to being finished.  I plan to make a glass bead to use as an accent, then put it all together into a necklace.  I have an idea for the other birdhouse-looking piece as well that should come together quickly.  Luckily it rained tonight's game out, too!

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