Monday, July 2, 2012

Flat Spiral

I didn't realize until I just logged in that I hadn't blogged since Thursday!  Time does fly...  

It's been incredibly hot here--in the very high 90s and low 100s.  I know some of you are probably used to temps like that, but we're spoiled here in the mountains.  Typically we have pretty mild weather.  To make matters worse, Hannah has been playing in a softball tournament.  We've just about roasted, but I'm doing really well with drinking more water!

I finished the flat spiral bracelet I started last week.  

I love the colors and the starfish charm.  Very beachy!  Quite relaxing to make, too.  There's just something peaceful about bead weaving.  Tonight, I need to try to make something patriotic to wear Wednesday.  Hope I have time after the game tonight!

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