Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fading bracelet

I made this bracelet the other night when I made the necklace from yesterday's post:

I like how it turned out--it's very beachy and, as a co-worker called it, "fun".  The problem?  The beads are dyed and the color bled onto my skin!  I looked down at one point and my wrist was turning green, red and orange.  That's something I'm going to have to watch out for when I wear it.  I know there are things you can do to prevent dyed beads from bleeding, but I can't remember what they are.  Time for more research, I suppose.  It may be too late to do anything since I've already strung the bracelet.  If so, I suppose I'll be keeping this one for myself.  I don't want to sell or give away something that will fade on the new owner.

We're enjoying a very wet, cool day here.  Nap weather, as I call it.  It's a nice break from the 100 degree temps we've had recently.  

Seven more working days until vacation!  I haven't been watching The Weather Channel.  I hope no hurricanes are on their way across the Atlantic!

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