Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink birds nest

A co-worker of a friend asked me to make my Birds Nest necklace for her, using pink beads instead of blue.  I finished it last night, and am quite happy with the way it turned out.

I really like the pink colors with the copper.  My 11-year-old, Katie, said she didn't like it because "that pink pearl looks nothing like an egg".  Gotta love the bluntness of a child.  I sent a pic to the recipient this morning and she likes it.  That's all that really matters!  

The plumbers finished up yesterday, and while the problem is better, it's not 100% fixed.  We're thinking now they may have to dig up the main line, which I'm sure will be a big mess and even bigger expense.  Guess that's what we get for living in a 74-year-old house.  It's charming, but problems tend to arise.  I'm thinking about a big etsy sell to offset the plumbing expense.  I know one thing--judging by their fees I'm in the wrong business!

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