Tuesday, December 4, 2012

O Christmas Tree

I found this piece of sea glass in my (store purchased) stash of sea glass.  It's shaped like a triangle, and is green, so I automatically thought it would make a great wire wrapped Christmas tree.

I used red and silver seed beads for the decorations and suspended it from a piece of red cord.  Something different...

This Thursday Travis and I are planning to spend the day Christmas shopping.  We have a marathon shopping day like this every year and are usually pretty successful.  He makes an Excel spreadsheet with a column for all the folks on our list, another column for ideas, a column for what we plan to spend on each person, and a column for what we actually spent.  I make fun of his spreadsheet every year, but the one year he didn't make it I couldn't find a thing!  I just go armed with a notepad with various lists on it.  Between the two systems, we manage to get it done somehow!

At any rate, we always have a good time.  Besides, shopping is always more fun than being at work, right?!

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