Monday, January 6, 2014

Playing with polymer clay

It's cold outside.  Brutally cold.  We haven't seen weather this cold in 20 years.  During lunch today, the temperature was 1 degree.  It's supposed to be below 0 tonight.  I don't live in the deep south, but I live south enough to not be used to this kind of weather!  

Since I can't change it, I might as well enjoy it, right?  Nothing like curling up with some beads or a book in front of the fire on a cold night.  Add a cozy blanket, a nice cup of coffee, and the dog and it's perfect.  In honor of the cold weather and snow we've been getting, I played around with some polymer clay last night and made these beads.

I used white polymer clay, and stamped the snowflake images and the word "snow" onto them.  I can't draw to save my life, so stamps are perfect.  And, since I had the clay out, I figured I might as well make a couple more small owls.

Hope it's warm wherever you are!  Tonight I'll definitely be wrapped up in a cozy blanket in front of the fire!

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