Monday, June 25, 2012

Sea glass

The other day, Katie came home from her grandmother's house with some pretty seashells her grandmother had given her.  In the collection was a beautiful piece of sea glass.  I loved it, but couldn't talk Katie into giving it to me.  So, being the wonderful mother I am (wink!), I offered to wrap it for her so that she could put it on a chain.  This is the result:

Katie chose the reddish-orange crystal at the top.  I still love it, and I'm secretly hoping Katie will get tired of it so that I can take it for myself!

I've been getting the itch lately to do some beadweaving.  Maybe it's because vacation is coming up soon and that's how I keep myself occupied (and awake) on long trips.  I'm hoping to find the time to sit down this evening and stitch something.  Hmmm...maybe I should offer to take Hannah to practice so that I can sit in the car for a couple hours and do just that?

I bought the 17 Day Diet book today, and hope to start that soon.  Not that I particularly want to--but I need to.  In fact, a few of us here at the office are thinking of starting it.  I warned our boss that he's going to have a bunch of cranky females on his hands soon!  Skinny and cranky or fat and happy--wonder which is better?!

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