Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bead weaving, diets and green tea

I started my diet today.  So far, it hasn't been bad.  Of course, the day is young.  I actually got out of bed in time to walk a little over half a mile, which is certainly better than nothing!  As I write this post I'm trying to drink some green tea, which is recommended on the diet.  Now, I'm probably the one person in the south who doesn't like tea--no matter what kind it is.  I'm trying my best to pretend I like it (envisioning myself in England having high tea..), but the more I drink the harder it is to choke down.  I'm much more of a coffee person.  

Last night I sat down and started a flat spiral stitch bracelet.  I decided to use very pale blue crystals for the center, and a turquoise color for some of the loops and orange for the rest.  I think it's very beachy.  

I think to finish it I'll use a pineapple toggle clasp and attach an ocean inspired charm--maybe a starfish?  I had forgotten how relaxing bead weaving can be.  

Tonight we're off to a softball game, but I'm hoping to find time either before or after to do some more work on the bracelet.  


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