Thursday, October 3, 2013

Projects underway

I mentioned the other day I had the itch to try bead embroidery, so I gave it a shot the other day.  I haven't finished, of course, but this is the progress I've made so far.

The cabochon has pretty shades of pink, brown and olive green in it, so I'm using those colors.  Obviously it's not perfect, but I'm hoping it will turn out well in the end.  If not, it is my first try, after all!

I'm also working on a tennis bracelet pattern I found.  The pattern calls for 4mm crystals, but I love the colors of these 6mm crystals I have, so I thought I'd use those and adjust the number of seed beads used.  I'm not so sure about this.  I'm not satisfied with it, so I'm seriously considering taking it apart and using 4mm crystals after all.  

So, those are the projects I currently have going.  I'm also starting to really think about Christmas projects now, too.  

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