Wednesday, August 7, 2013


No major news, so I thought I'd share a few randoms.

  • I made this necklace for a friend's birthday.  This is the picture from the Ornamentea tutorial.  I did her necklace in blue shades, but forgot to snap a picture.
  • I went to the doctor the other day, and she said those vulgar words to me:  diet and exercise.  So, for the past two mornings I've been up early walking.  After this morning's workout, I decided that no matter what doctors tell you, exercise is NOT good for you.
  • Tomorrow is the girls' first day of school.  I can't believe Hannah starts high school, and Katie is in the 6th grade.  Where does time go?
  • I just placed an order at Ornamentea for some Elaine Ray ceramic beads.  Woo hoo!  Can't wait for them to arrive!
  • I'm making a "gaudy" (her request) University of Tennessee bracelet for a lady at work, so I also placed an order for orange beads at Fire Mountain Gems.  
Hope everyone has a good evening!

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