Tuesday, August 20, 2013

College spirit

A week or two ago, a lady at work asked if I could make a "gaudy" bracelet and earrings set for her in the University of Tennessee colors.  Once I heard the word "gaudy", I knew this little project was for me.  

College football is very popular here, with most folks being fans of the University of Tennessee or Virginia Tech.  We have a few University of Virginia fans floating around (i.e., my husband), but for the most part it's UT or Tech.  Personally, I prefer UT, even though I know next to nothing about football.  

I decided to make a memory wire bracelet, using neon orange beads, crystals, and big crystal coated beads.  Gaudy?  Yes.  But, apparently she liked it because she ordered 3 more sets for friends yesterday.

These aren't the greatest pictures--I took them at my desk right before giving them to her--but you can get the idea.

The only problem is I realized I'm not charging enough.  By the time I buy supplies, I'm barely (and I do mean barely) clearing anything.  Oh well.  Live and learn, I suppose.  At least she's pulling for the right team! 

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