Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New jewelry

I've been inspired lately to make a couple of new necklaces.  The first is made from a recycled bullet.  It seems as if bullet jewelry is popping up everywhere--magazines, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.  Travis had one used bullet, so I nabbed it and made this.

I used E6000 to affix a Swarovski crystal to the front, and accented the pendant with a pearl.  This gave it a rugged, yet girly, look.  

A few weeks ago I was browsing in my favorite local clothing store, and I came across a long necklace I loved.  I started to buy it, but then decided to make my own, using materials that fit my taste.  It's not an exact copy, but instead I used the necklace I saw as inspiration for my piece.

I love the long length, and the mix of copper beads, silver wire, and brown leather for the chain.  

I wore this to work yesterday and got it hung on my desk, pulling one of the jump rings attaching the copper bead links together loose.  Luckily I had tweezers with me, and set out to make the minor repair just as two new employees came into my office.  Naturally, I fixed the necklace before completing their paperwork--priorities, right?  Besides, they were a few minutes early, and who wouldn't want a free jewelry repair 101 lesson?  (Okay, probably those two men, but they didn't seem  upset!).

I'm currently working on my website.  It's a somewhat slow process--there are so many decisions to be made!  Hopefully soon I'll have it up and running!

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