Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loom lessons

Last night I used my loom to create a bracelet in a chevron pattern.  I was really excited about the way it was turning out until I got ready to attach the cord ends.  Then, I realized I had made a mistake.  

To the untrained eye, it probably looks fine.  But, I made the bracelet wider than the cord ends.  I was so disappointed--I worked hard on that bracelet!  In the end, I wound up gluing the ends that extend beyond the cord ends, hoping it would at least keep the thread from unraveling.  

It's not absolutely horrible, but it's definitely not something I would sell.  I may go ahead and attach a lobster clasp, and wear it myself to see what happens.  

I thought I was so careful with my measurements, but...  Next time I will definitely measure again to be on the safe side!

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