Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On top of the world

We've had an intern this summer at work, and next week is her last week.  Since two of us will be on vacation (!) next week, we decided to take her to lunch, and then took a little side trip to an area called Flag Rock.  Flag Rock is exactly what it sounds like--a big rock with the American flag sticking out of it.  It's a beautiful place, with the spectacular views you get from an elevation of 3200 feet.

The town you see behind the rock is the little town (actually, the smallest city in Virginia) that I grew up in.  It was such a peaceful little diversion, and it was quite cool, compared to the hot weather we've been having.  

On a jewelry note, I think I finally made some progress with a bracelet I'm making for a friend.  I hope to have it finished before I leave for vacation.  

I'm also participating in Lori Anderson's bead hoarders blog hop this Saturday.  I've got about half my piece finished, so tune in Saturday to see how it turns out!

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